Kathryn McKenzie, Living Green: Why you should stop using plastic straws

Consider using paper straws in place of plastic ones. Frankie Frost — Marin Independent Journal

Have you ever said to yourself, “That’s the last straw”? Santa Cruz resident Jackie Nunez did, and now she’s turning it into an environmental movement.

You can get involved too, by simply saying “no thanks” to plastic straws.

Nunez, an activist who began The Last Plastic Straw project for Save Our Shores, has taken on this issue as a way to call attention to the larger problem of ocean debris.

“The straw is a start. It’s a gateway issue,” said Nunez. She believes it’s emblematic of all the other single-use plastics in our lives, which often find their way to waterways and marine environments. Read more here




Kathryn McKenzie, Living Green: Movement on to ban plastic straws

BY KATHRYN MCKENZIE, MONTEREY It’s a new year, and it’s time to clear away old, wasteful habits and do something sustainable. Not sure which direction to go in? You might get some ideas from these upcoming event

• The drive to ban plastic straws is coming to Monterey County, with an organizational meeting Feb. 2 in Marina.

California becomes first U.S. state to ban plastic grocery bags!

Take the Last Straw Challenge with Ocean Conservancy

If we get 25,000 people to skip the straw at restaurants every time, we can keep 5 million plastic straws out of our ocean and landfills in just one year. Sign up to pledge to “Skip the Straw”.

Skip the Straw

Plastic Free July! Take the pledge

Did you know that apart from the small amount which has been incinerated every piece of plastic ever made still exists in the world today? And that in the first 10 years of this century MORE plastic was produced than the entire last century! Make every month plastic free, please TAKE the challenge, say NO to single-use plastic and SHARE this link: Plastic Free JulyGive Up Plastic for July Challenge 2014

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Local PressOne Persons Trash newsletter

The Last Plastic Straw was featured in the City of Santa Cruz’s waste reduction newsletter for the residents of Santa Cruz “One Person’s Trash”. Helping to raise awareness and grow the movement is part of our mission. Thank you City of Santa Cruz for your continued support and for helping us spread the word! One Person’s Trash Newsletter, Spring 2014

Kicking the Plastic Habit

TedX Santa Cruz Sharing TED with the Santa Cruz CommunityThe Last Plastic Straw is happy to announce that TEDx Santa Cruz 2014 was a plastic straw free event! Thank you Hotel Paradox and Solaire restaurant for being an ocean adovocate and minimizing your plastic footprint! Eliminating the use of plastic straws at large conferences and events prevents thousands of straws from being discarded. We hope to see this practice adopted to include the elimination of all single use plastic items from public gatherings by promoting the use of green alternatives. Better yet, if you plan on attending a conference or event, consider packing your own mug, fork, or plate to enjoy refreshments.

Thank you Hotel Paradox, TEDx Santa Cruz Save Our Shores, and The City of Santa Cruz for your participation in making this happen!